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Featured Projects

Chapel Hill | Dallas, Texas

Complete Remodel, Renovation, and New Design-Build

Built in Dallas’ exclusive Lakewood area, the original home was constructed in 1929 using the lath and plaster method that was replaced by sheetrock in the 1950s.

JWA transformed this complete design-build project into an exclusive executive retreat.

The original home was completely remodeled and upgraded to an elegant 3-story luxury home boasting a chef’s kitchen,  6 bedrooms, 3 living areas, 6 bathrooms, 2 half-baths.


All projects have challenges, but Chapel Hill was unique as it encompassed restoration, renovation, remodeling, and new design-build construction.

Expert craftsmen restored original doors and custom built matching new doors. They also crafted new molding to match the existing finish work.

Beautiful Hardwood Oak floors needed to be matched as well using an inlaid herringbone design.

Intricate hand finishes on walls and cabinetry, including customization to accommodate subzero refrigerators, warming ovens, and even base-drawers to serve as pet feeding areas.

To facilitate access from all floors, several staircases had to be strategically located and built renovation attic to a third floor with full bath.

Notable Design-Build

Remodeled kitchen, living room with fireplace, wine cellar and full-size walk-in safe in the basement.

Extended kitchen area and added a walk-in pantry and fireplace. Marble floor in the kitchen. Island built to look like a piece of furniture.

Complete remodels of selected baths and bedrooms on the second floor. Dormers with patios and redwood decks added. family room with fireplace to 1st floor. enclosed sunroom with A/C. 1/2 bath to the laundry room.

Design-Build a resort-style pool with spa and expansive deck area for entertaining. The design takes its design queues from the original fountain at the estate entry.

New Design-Build construction of a 2 bedroom, 4 bath guesthouse including a 3-car garage.

A 3 car garage and ‘his and hers’ pool restrooms are located on the 1st floor.

The 2nd story includes 2 living areas, 2 full baths, a kitchen and utility room.

A Design-Build detached 2-car garage with water lines was also constructed on the property.

The clay roofing tile was replaced with world-class slate.

And finally, a wrought iron fencing was installed to encompass the entire estate, including custom stone columns to match homes exterior.

Jerry Bullitt Training Center | Rowlett, Texas

Complete Site-Development and Design-Build from the ground up.

JWA transformed an open field into a 22,000 s.f. sports facility, developing the entire site including all infrastructure.

More than ever, soft-skills are in demand by employers and clients of all size. The reason is simple. Fewer and fewer people possess critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Soft-skills usually aren’t the first qualification someone thinks about when considering a commercial development project, but it should be.

Finding creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems takes a specific skill-set and that’s Joe Wright’s specialty. Keeping projects on schedule and on budget can only be accomplished by working with city code inspectors, lenders, nearby businesses, contractors, suppliers and utility providers. And most of all – the client. It’s what JWA does best.

JWA is known for dependability and honesty because that’s the only way they know how to do business.

Joe Wright’s leadership and reputation are embedded into JWA and extend throughout the JWA organization, and it’s why clients trust us to do what’s right – every time; finish the job on time and on budget.

Hampshire Court | Frisco Texas

Home Office Architectural Feature and So Much More

A family relocating to the Dallas area knew they could find a kitchen and bath makeover contractor, but what motivated them to choose JWA was our ability to design and build custom doors as a gateway to their home office. No longer tucked away in a corner, an office can be incorporated into the central part of the home and a striking architectural feature in any space.

Featuring an open window design, the doors allow unobstructed views in all directions with open or closed doors. More than ever, people are working from home. Entrepreneurs and executives have enjoyed this flexibility for decades but now even corporations hire remote and off-site employees.

The functionality of the room is superb as the doors provide a unique viewing solution. While open, the view extends fully across the great room to the exterior. The desks are carefully positioned to generously accommodate traffic flow while providing two work areas. The wrap around design of the desktop provides plenty of workspace and storage.

During the design phase, floor tile composition and aesthetics were given careful attention, eliminating the need for rugs. This in addition to wheelchair level switches accommodates the current and future safety needs of the family.

Upon closer look at the lighting, you may find it to be one of the most well thought out features of the renovation. A combination of LED lighting and designer lamps illuminate architecturally stunning addition from multiple viewpoints. The subtle interior cabinet lighting allows 24-hour display of the homeowner’s art pieces. The accessory lighting is especially beautiful on its own when no other lighting is used.

The office is the cornerstone of the renovation project. Knowing that all other areas can be viewed from the office, balance, and symmetry is imperative. Likewise, looking to the office from other vantage points in the home, we know it has to be spectacular. While the doors are a complete showstopper on their own, they meet competition with the beautiful Ortal fireplace that is the focal point in the adjacent grand room. These along with the geometrical lines of the kitchen create rhythm and balance.

All doors, floor tile, fireplace design, cabinets and artwork throughout the home utilize rectangular design. Warm almond mocha is the home’s predominant color, creating a perfect canvas for carefully selected art pieces.

The telescoping doors are grandly proportioned to match the adjacent 9-foot door openings. Each piece of glass is carefully fitted into the frames where intricate woodworking and painting techniques are used. Carefully notched, no opening is visible when the doors are fully closed. The innovative nesting technique utilized requires on-site hardware manufacturing. As a result, the wood and glass walls retract effortlessly into each other while keeping all hardware virtually invisibl.

Finally, to finish the distinctive look we have to overcome the obstacle of visible tracks above or below the disappearing doors. The sturdy upper track is encased with bold moldings to prevent any disruption in style and ensure a clear, clean view, and no lower track is employed.