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Commercial? Yes, We Do That.

From service businesses like Perks & Provisions, a premium break room and coffee bar provider to Meditech solutions provider iPeople and others, JWA specializes in design-build and tenant finish-out for any size commercial project.



Jerry Bullitt Training Center

JWA transformed an open field into a 22,000 s.f. sports facility, developing the entire site including all infrastructure. 

More than ever, soft-skills are in demand by employers and clients of all size. The reason is simple. Fewer and fewer people possess critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Soft-skills usually aren’t the first qualification someone thinks about when considering a commercial development project, but it should be.

Finding creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems takes a specific skill-set and that’s Joe Wright’s specialty. Keeping projects on schedule and on budget can only be accomplished by working with city code inspectors, lenders, nearby businesses, contractors, suppliers and utility providers. And most of all – the client. It’s what JWA does best.

JWA is known for dependability and honesty because that’s the only way they know how to do business.

Joe Wright’s leadership and reputation are embedded into JWA and extend throughout the JWA organization, and it’s why clients trust us to do what’s right – every time; finish the job on time and on budget.

Other Commercial Projects